Do you wish to have a vivid smile? Avoid DIY teeth whitening options

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50% of all people are dissatisfied with the color of these teeth: around 120,000 want a whiter grin and resort to random treatments to attain the goal, so very much so the increase in the procedure market is 15% each year. The economic worth of this sector is just about 30 million euros, while a lot more than 1 billion is allocated to toothpastes, mouthwashes, gels and items related to dental care hygiene.

The risks behind do-it-yourself whitening remedies

  Achieving a bright grin sometimes risks getting more costly than you think, because of the neglected implications that do-it-yourself treatments might have in tooth enamel.

Driven by the desire to have a star smile, the damage that one substances and chemicals could cause to the teeth are underestimated. For instance, many will understand the stain remover and whitening strength of baking soda, but those that use it to obtain a whiter smile harm the enamel: baking soda functions being an abrasive and scrapes.

Making use of DIY toothpastes that contains microgranules can be dangerous. The products available, in fact, are put through meticulous checks and how big is the granules will be such as for example not to have unwanted effects on the enamel, as the same can’t be said for house options. To whiten your the teeth, the easiest way is often to utilize products particularly designed to revive the enamel of our tooth, such as repair toothpaste, also to adopt an excellent daily hygiene routine, along with regularly contact an expert for professional therapy. .

The need for proper nutrition

Nutrition is definitely an active component in the technique to achieve the whiter smile. You can find foods that help keep up with the whiteness of one’s teeth and others that have a tendency to stain them, particularly if you go beyond their consumption.

Coffee isn’t the only real food that spots and turns one’s teeth yellow, food items and drinks abundant with colored molecules behave similarly, among which berries and soda stick out. Furthermore, meals with a high focus of tannins such as for example red wine and dark tea have an identical effect.

We should also focus on balsamic vinegar, soy sauce and tomato sauce, following their intake you should brush your teeth, brushing them thoroughly to eliminate the pigments that donate to making one’s teeth darker.

However, additionally, there are foods which are friendly to pearly white teeth. Celery, because of its fibrous consistency, really helps to clean the teeth while eating also to keep the gums healthful. The crunchy consistency of apples furthermore helps eliminate meals residues in charge of stains on one’s teeth and pineapple includes a effective enzyme, bromelain, with whitening energy. Finally, milk and tough cheeses also perform valuable action: they drive back erosion of the enamel, neutralize the acid PH of the mouth area and help eliminate foods residues.


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