Anti-cellulite treatment for the summer

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Looking for the best anti-cellulite treatment for the summer? The swimsuit test and summer are almost upon us but nothing is lost, we can still recover and, if we put our effort into it, have concrete results against this damned imperfection.

The first step is to understand the stage of our cellulite.

Initial : almost invisible until we pinch the skin with two fingers.

Second stage: it is noticeable slightly without having to pinch the skin.

Third stage : touching the inflamed area we feel discomfort or even a slight pain.

The causes can be varied: hormonal or genetic factors, metabolic disorders, adipose, circulation problems.

How to get rid of cellulite with products that can help us for the holidays?

Somatoline anti-cellulite , a guarantee: today we are talking about the only anti-cellulite cream that promises visible results in a few weeks.

The characteristics of a good anti-cellulite treatment are many: lightness and pleasant texture, ease of absorption and above all effectiveness.

Among the products to eliminate cellulite with these three characteristics, and therefore to be recommended, the Somatoline anti-cellulite treatment in the version in sachets or measuring tube cannot be missing.

Somatoline is a specific self-medication drug to treat cellulite blemishes, reshaping and slimming the treated area in 2 weeks.

Somatoline must be distinguished from Somatoline Cosmetic, a line of products with slimming and draining specifications, which instead have a cosmetic nature but still effective in combination, to target the enemy.

Somatoline is the only medicinal product available in Italy that truly cures cellulite .

To eliminate cellulite, lifestyle can be supplemented by the application of Somatoline at regular cycles throughout the year. Somatoline, with its active ingredients, improves microcirculation, promotes the elimination of liquids and decreases the “orange peel” appearance.

The Somatoline anti-cellulite treatment cycle can last from a minimum of 15-20 days up to a maximum of 2 or 3 months , and can be repeated after a break.

Somatoline before and after… you will notice the difference.

How Somatoline is applied

Apply locally 20 gr of product per day (equal to 2 sachets) for the first two days, then 10 gr of product (equal to 1 sachet) per day or every other day.

Apply the product on the area to be treated, massaging lightly until completely absorbed.

Do not exceed the recommended dose.

If an application is omitted, it is advisable to continue the therapy normally without doubling the dose to try to compensate for the missed intake.

Will starting immediately with the anti-cellulite treatment ensure you a fabulous body for the summer? It will certainly make you feel more confident and at ease because the results are visible practically immediately.

What to associate for a faster and more targeted effect?

Surely my advice is to drink lots of water, at least two liters a day. If you can’t, you will find many apps to download that will help you in the task of hydrating and nourishing your body.

Take care of your diet, which must be rich in vegetables, fruits and cereals.

Even if it is hot, if you have problems with water retention and microcirculation that is mischievous, unfortunately one of the few solutions are graduated compression girdles and socks: a small sacrifice but surprising results in the evening, when your legs will thank you.

What else to add, obviously banned smoking, excesses and coffee in small doses … magic does not exist, but we can help.


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