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The bathing experience can be uplifted by the artistic brilliance depicted by Float soaps. These soaps generally come with a little inscribed object over it.

This hugely delights consumers. While bathing, consumers can dive into the inscriptions framing their own story and relating it with the art depicted by the soap.

Caring much about the customer contentment, the soap brand “Float”, as formulated by Wang Min, focuses on producing artistic soaps with a single-layered sheet for making the bathing experience more pleasant.


Constituents of FLOAT soaps

The soaps are intrinsically superior soaps with constituents such as olive oil, and vegetable-based essential oils.

They also have glycerin and oatmeal, which performs to moisturize the skin and will result in softer and smoother skin.

With the extracts of Sandalwood, which have vitamin E, they safeguard cells from free radicals. Rose and Lilac are integrated to offer refreshing fragrance and soothes the skin.

Citrus scents not only deodorize the body but also have antiseptic and sterile qualities.



While liquid soaps or body washes need to be stored in a proper environment with proper preservatives to stay fresh, harmless, and operative, normal soaps don’t need any preservative to work on its effectiveness.

Its longevity depends on the usage of the soap before it gets dried up. Consumers can generally pass 8 to 9 weeks by using it rigorously regularly.

These are indeed thick hard soap bars that confirm that it won’t become an unsolidified mess any sooner, even with a stretched contact with water or any fluid.

Unlike liquid body wash, which holds water as a primary ingredient for cleansing, these bathing soaps are constituted with skin nourishing oils and extracts from flowers.

In no case, consumers have to worry about empty bottles like a body wash with expensive packaging.

These are hard bars of soaps in which the consumers only have to pay for what they are getting.

Bar soaps are presented with a nominal amount of wrapping, which produces less waste as compared to liquid soaps that need a plastic container to contain it.


How FLOAT Soaps are different from ordinary soaps?

In the case of bar soaps, consumers don’t need any sponge or loofah to cleanse their bodies. It is quite tough to wash the body with liquid soaps without a loofah. The case becomes reverse for bar soaps as single bar soap can be scrubbed all over the body with a single swipe.

These bar soaps aren’t produced with various chemicals like most other liquid soaps in the market. For the production purpose, they don’t require high consumption of industrial resources and don’t pollute the environment in that process.

As once mentioned, Float is quite concerned about their customer experience and production of low waste. They pack their products in a single sheet with all the information and ingredients stated inside the package, so consumers can keep it as a container for soaps and also pass it on to others for dispersal of knowledge for that product.

To ensure that there is no feeling of dried-out skin, Float soaps incorporate coconut and chamomile to carry out completely polished feelings over the body, which will leave the skin hydrated and revived.

Every soap has its cleansing properties; some soaps provide too much cleansing ingredients that can even extract protective oil from the skin leaving the skin irritated. Float’s soaps contain a total balance between them, removing only the excess oil.


Wrapping Up

So, to ease up our brain from our daily chores, therefore Float renders its consumers a deluxe level of bath time pleasure through their fragrance, moisturizing, and environment-friendly packaging.

The rudimentary job of them is to nourish the skin leaving the skin sanitized and purified from all types of dirt.


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