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After a finished love, what is the perception that reminds you of the absent, its memory, the sensations that recall it?

For sure the perfume! If, by chance, you meet someone wearing the same perfume, the memories immediately appear, as do the emotions.

Not for nothing does science say that the human being remembers 35% of what he smells compared to 5% of what he sees.

The smell remains etched in the brain for a long time.

After the success of the article on the best hair perfumes and the best perfumes for women , today we are looking for even more particular and special perfumes.

Comparative price table for niche perfumes

I know well…

You have little time or you are… in perfumery 😉

Take a quick look at our price chart. Consider that these prices are the average of the prices of the last 6 months. Click on the link to check the updated price in real time.

What are niche perfumes?

The dictionary gives this definition for Niche:

nìcchia sf

  1. Recess in the thickness of a wall, generally in the form of a vertical half-cylinder, or with a rectangular or polygonal plan, ending at the top with a quarter of a sphere
  2. extens. Small closet, or even small room which, in typical apartments of the current building, is used as a kitchenette.
  3. fig. Not tiring, not very demanding, and stable job or job: it has found its niche.
  4. In the sense of fig., The term is sometimes extended (outside the economic language) to indicate an abstract, theoretical space: n. conceptual, n. semantics, and sim.

As for the world of perfumes, “niche perfumes” is the term coined to describe rare types of perfumes . Niche perfumes give off an interesting and special type of perfume that is uncommon and almost always non-commercial.

They usually have a high price, but perfume enthusiasts can perceive the value of every single drop.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in “niche” perfumery, leaving room for exciting new names in the “elite” fragrance market.

Niche perfumers have gotten bolder in trying new fragrance blends, taking inspiration from events and experiences, to inspire others.

So what exactly is a niche perfume?

Some time ago we referred to experimentation, to the continuous search for new olfactory sensations, unusual and highly personal combinations, to reach extremely refined products.

Rarities… unique!

Where can you try niche perfumes?

More and more niche perfumeries are emerging, despite the advent of the internet that has upset the panorama of perfume sales.

In fact, who has never searched for their favorite perfume on the web?

We know that online stores often have special offers that attract customers and move customers to this channel.

But, when it comes to perfumes, does this apply?

Best niche perfumes

20 things you may not know about the best niche perfumes

  1. Niche perfumes were already available even before the boom and success of the last few years. They were used by royal and noble families with the likes of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I.
  2. The first principle of niche perfumeries is to have their own perfumer responsible for home fragrances, just like in the past days.
  3. The second principle of niche perfumeries is to have a selective approach to the distribution of their products.
  4. The third and final principle of niche perfumeries is not to recognize advertising, apart from perhaps magazine articles and interviews in prominent media. For them, a good reputation is the best way to promote their perfumes.
  5. Among the most popular niche perfumes are those that focus on a single note , especially those with hints of rose and vanilla.
  6. Perfumes from niche homes can almost never be found in shops selling mass products or perfumes, or in large department store chains.
  7. Niche perfumery bases its principles on the original definition of the word “niche” which means limited distribution .
  8. There are factors that qualify fragrances as niche perfumes, they are scarcity, non-ubiquity and specialization .
  9. To become a qualified perfumer, training is simplified with training courses.
  10. Serge Lutens, art director, photographer and former makeup director at Shiseido Serge Lutens was instrumental in launching niche perfumes when he inaugurated his personal fragrance line in the early 1990s at the Palais Royal in Paris.
  11. The year 2000 is another defining time for niche perfumes when Frederic Malle, a Frenchman and grandson of the founder of Dior perfumes, recognized the efforts of those who work behind the limelight of niche perfume houses.
  12. Today, the selection of niche perfumes is wider than ever and covers all genres of all natural lines, luxury offerings and the avant-garde brand.
  13. Artisan perfume boutiques, whose production is on a much smaller scale and whose presence in traditional shops is minimal or non-existent, are therefore called niche. These are the scents that you might find in a perfume specialist or a high-end perfume boutique.
  14. Trends in the niche perfume market show a 60% growth since 2005, while sales of high-end perfumes have shown a decline.
  15. Have you heard of Secretion Magnifiques ? A niche fragrance launched in 2006 smells of blood, sweat, sperm and saliva to promote sensual pleasure.
  16. Another interesting niche perfume is Paper Passion , a typical choice for bookworms: with its scent it will remind you of paper, books and even the library!
  17. Agarwood is one of the oldest and most expensive ingredients in the world, used in the production of niche perfumes. Through a distillation process, he is primarily responsible for a truly different modern fragrance.
  18. Amouage , an ultra-exclusive niche perfume house founded by the Sultan of Oman, is the most expensive fragrance line in the world.
  19. Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood is one of the controversial niche perfumes as it in particular has a note that recalls the scent of a woman’s private parts.
  20. Elizabeth I used to bathe in perfume to mask the smell of sweat that was released whenever she had her chronic panic attacks. In 2009, an eau de toilette with a delicate scent was released.

Ranking of the best niche perfumes [UPDATED]

You know better than me that there are so many niche perfumes, but today I would like to give you some ideas on which are the most particular. Please leave your experience in the comments!

Best niche perfumes: from Romano Ricci’s nose, for her

7) Sunny Side Up by Juliette Has a Gun Eau De Parfum

Niche Perfume - Juliette Has a Gun Eau De Parfum - 150 gr

Sunny Side Up by Juliette Has a gun is a fragrance of the floral woody musk group for women. It is new and born from the French perfumer Romano Ricci

Top notes are amyris, jasmine and vanilla absolute. Middle notes are Iris Sandalwood, Jasmine and Coconut Milk. The base notes are ambrette seeds and Iso E Super.

Sweet, soft and enveloping , it molds over time and the note of coconut and fruit emerges, happy and fun. On the skin it becomes fresh, relaxing and soothing sandalwood . The more time passes, the more enjoyable it becomes . The bottle is bright white, with a yellow cap that evokes joy.

Occasions : Perfect for summer and fall, but a friend of mine bought it for Christmas. It can be used every day ; the creator had set himself the goal of inspiring positive and happy feelings, in reality the ending evokes feelings of protection, safety and love.

It is a warm, slightly spicy fragrance that becomes one with your skin, it is pleasant and sexy: “sunny side up” for the English is a symbol of the sun, but also of breasts.

Juliette Has a Gun Eau De Parfum Price: 135.35 euros Discount (44%) – Price: 75.74 euros

Best Niche Perfumes: For him, perhaps the best ever?

6) Creed Aventus, 100 ml

Niche perfume - Creed Aventus, 100 ml

Aventus by Creed is a fruity Chypre fragrance for men . Launched on the market in 2010, it was created by Olivier Creed (Sixth Generation) and Erwin Creed (Seventh Generaltion). According to a press release from Creed, the fragrance was created inspired by Napoleone Buonaparte, to mix “masculinity, strength, foresight”

The top notes, Bergamot, Blackcurrant, Pineapple and Apple offer a modern and refined scent.
The heart notes are birch, patchouli, rose and Moroccan jasmine, while the base notes are oakmoss, vanilla and ambergris.

It is truly considered one of the most successful men’s fragrances in history, even if you read all kinds of comments on the internet. Many adore it, others despise it. But everyone talks about it.

We liked it a lot for this we decided to mention it in the ranking.

Occasions: It makes you feel good every time you wear it, always, whether on a business appointment or in your free time, never too intrusive or inappropriate.

It is suitable for men who know what they want, but also young and dynamic. It is a bold, sensual, contemporary perfume.

Creed Aventus perfume, 100 ml Price: 299.00 euros Discount (5%) – Price: 285.00 euros

Best niche perfumes : pure sensuality, for her

5) Parfums De Marly Delina

Niche Perfume - Parfums De Marly Delina

Parfums De Marly Delina is made by the perfumer Quentin Bisch.

A triumph of sensual femininity

You will feel a floral bouquet, a fragrance sculpted around an accord in which the rose dominates , but where you will also find lily of the valley and peony, for a more rounded fragrance with a fruity undertone.

A sensual bouquet that revolves around these flowers, but also the fullest, most generous and fragrant fruits.

The trio of lychee, rhubarb and bergamot, balanced by nutmeg, evokes strength and vivacity.

Vanilla enhances sensuality and intertwines with notes of white musk and cashmeran .

In closing, woods and frankincense cloak the creation of depth and mystery. A remarkable and captivating trail, with notes full of truly intriguing contrasts .

Multi-faceted perfume, rich in essential oils and raw materials of the highest quality. There is also a synthetic molecule, Petalia, expensive and particular, which gives a note of natural flowers .

Delina reveals herself in her many nuances, in a double game, like the femininity she represents: at the same time lively, crackling and disturbing, sweet and sensual, eternal and modern in an impertinent way.

The olfactory pyramid opens with top notes such as Bergamot, Nutmeg, Rhubarb, Litchi. Heart Notes: Petals, Turkish Rose Essence, Haitian Vetiver, Incense. Final Ambroxan, Vanilla, Cashmeran, Musk.

The bottle, also pink – a pink cameo – is made of beautiful pressed opaque glass , decorated with pink tassels, a pink crystal jewel that shines on the top of the cap. Precious…! It is inspired by the Rococo environment of Louis 15th who, in his castle of Marly, during parties and horse races, in the 1700s used to perfume the air by spraying wonderful fragrances that gushed out of the fountains!

Occasions: always usable, during the day and also in the evening, because it is not intrusive, but intimate and a little musky. It is ideal in spring and during the hot season, for its floral and fruity notes.

As soon as you spray De Marly it feels intense and penetrating, but after 2-3 hours it becomes an enveloping and intriguing scent of the skin: you leave a very pleasant trail, but the duration of this perfume is not the best.

Parfums De Marly Delina Price: 220.00 euros Discount (5%) – Price: 210.00 euros

Best niche perfumes : the essence of Lady Diane

4) Houbigant Quelques Fleurs l’Original 100ml eau de parfum

Niche perfume - Houbigant Quelques Fleurs l'Original 100ml eau de parfum Women

Houbigant Quelques Fleurs l’Original is a wonderfully floral fragrance, reminiscent of a spring garden in full bloom.

100 ml of an elegant and timeless essence , which ensures you are refined and modern, wrapped in a dreamy fragrance that lasts all day and improves your every mood.

The French perfumer Robert Bienaimè in 1912 for the first time launched on the market an absolute innovation in the olfactory field, romantic and original, a refined bouquet, composed no longer of single flowers, but of a mix of multi-floral accords, very pure and super studied for create unique and refined fragrances.

Obviously the formula remained secret: 31 grams of the Eau de Parfum contains more than 15,000 flowers and 250 raw materials, made in Grasse, France, the historic place where Jean Francois Houbigant invented his first perfume in 1775.

What makes Quelques Fleurs incomparable is not only the flowers themselves, but the particular way in which they are combined and mixed, to create a unique and precious olfactory masterpiece.

The Original fragrance in particular is composed of 6 Absolutes: the Absolute is the purest and most special form of a fragrance. It is obtained with a natural process that consists in cold extraction of the prestigious raw materials carefully prepared to create an ounce of perfume.

In this package, Quelques Fleur l’Original, 100 ml, is presented in frosted glass with sculpted petals, the design of which is also recalled on the cap.

Top Notes : Bergamot Tarragon Lemon.

Heart Notes : Jasmine Absolute, Tuberose, Violet Absolute, Carnation, Broom Absolute, Orange Blossom Absolute, Beeswax Absolute, Cloves.
Base Notes: Oak Moss Absolute, Sandalwood, Civet, Cedar Wood, Tonka Bean Musk.

What to say?

The result is a very delicate, yet persistent essence, with a sensual and powerful expression. A marvel, a rare jewel that remains appreciated and desired by a generation of ladies, aristocrats or the upper middle class.

Houbigant Quelques Fleurs l’Original 100ml eau de parfum Women Price: 124.00 euros Discount (7%) – Price: 114.70 euros

Best niche perfumes : intoxicating from distant lands

3) Penhaligon’s London Trade Routes Halfeti

Niche perfume - Penhaligon's London Trade Routes Halfeti, EDP

Well, we could call it a “potion” so intoxicating that it makes you fall in love immediately.

Warm, strong and reassuring all at once.

The producer, always in search of unique fragrances, traveled to Turkey, precisely to Halfeti, a small village located near the banks of the Euphrates, where the fertile soils created lush vegetation, including special rose gardens with the famous red roses that look black. and… magical!

On the nose you immediately feel a fresh and vigorous sensation thanks to the bergamot, hints of greenery and aromatic mugwort. It then evolves into notes of jasmine and delicately spiced rose petals and muted jasmine. The finish leads to distant lands, with hints of vanilla, sandalwood and a melange of amber and patchouli, familiar and reassuring.

The bottle is made of fine Penhaligon glass, with the top wrapped in a ribbon.

Occasions : for an unforgettable night of fire. It is very persistent, full and full of sensuality. It recalls sensations of luxurious and exotic, unique and opulent products. Considered unisex, I prefer it for him.

Penhaligon’s London Trade Routes Halfeti Price: 210.00 euros Discount (8%) – Price: 192.49 euros

Best niche perfumes : Special unisex

2) Tom Ford – Fucking Fabulous

Niche perfume - Tom Ford FUCKING FABULOUS

Tom Tord F Fabulous is a perfume for special occasions: you will not wear it for everyday life, but on a special evening, in which you feel particularly fabulous and DECADENT, but at the same time elegant and compliant.

The individual components of the perfume are not immediately perceived individually, but adapt to form an extraordinary general picture. In fact, besides Tonka and Mandarin there is much more, a fruity note at the beginning as well as something slightly bitter: sour, sweet and bitter at the same time. In the end the scent of vanilla prevails, ever sweeter to soothe any tension and excitement… only the cuddles remain.

If you wear the fragrance only for yourself, FF is the perfume of important days: if you are sad, it comforts you; if you are lazy or uncertain, it will make you feel more confident and comfortable.

The bottle is matte black, elegant and discreet, with a white label and a name that immediately caused discussion, when Tom Ford introduced it in 2017, attracting media attention.

Occasions : valid for both summer and winter, it is a fascinating fragrance, which acquires character over time. Presented as unisex, it seems very suitable for her

Tom Ford – Fucking Fabulous Price: 278.00 euros Discount (19%) – Price: 224.99 euros

Best niche perfumes : only one molecule… pheromone

1) Molecule 01 (100ml) by Escentric Molecules

Niche perfume - Molecule 01 (100ml) by Escentric Molecules

L’eau de toilette Molecule 01 is a woody musky fragrance for women and men by Escentric Molecules.

Escentric Molecules is a German niche perfume brand.

Their perfumes are very particular because they are made in pairs: one represents the synthesis of different ingredients, the other is a tribute to a single note (aromatic molecule) that determines the character of the synthesis.

In the case of Escentric Molecules Molecule 01, it is the “Iso E Super” component with a delicate and woody fragrance and unique properties, which give depth to the aromas, making them velvety .

Molecule 01 has Iso E Super as the only ingredient .

It features a hypermodern cedar wood note with a velvety feel.

The young German perfumer Geza Schoen – creator of the molecule – explains his charm:

“Iso E Super is one of those skin-sexy perfumes that make you want to nestle in it. It is comforting, enveloping. “

With the characteristic of having a sort of… “intermittence”.

To the wearer, the perfume seems to fade and then reappear . This is due to the way it binds to the olfactory system receptors, releasing it only slowly, to make way for a new charge of the molecule on the receptors.

As the manufacturer Iso E Super explains it does not exist in nature . It was created in the laboratory at the IFF in 1973 .

Iso- E -Super is very light, delicate, floral and woody. More than a perfume, it looks like an aura, which is expressed and modified according to the pH of the skin, to blend with the wearer’s natural pheromones to enhance its charm.

Occasions : always, if you want an intriguing and seductive fragrance, never cloying or overbearing, Molecule 01 is the perfume for you. When you wear it, you can notice a subtle note of velvety elegance, which attracts and fascinates, arousing strong passions.

Apply it wherever you like to be kissed and relax: observe and indulge the reaction you arouse in your partner!

Molecule 01 (100ml) by Escentric Molecules Price: 121.49 euros Discount (36%) – Price: 77.98 euros

*** OUT OF CLASS ***

They are no longer available but they are really very very interesting! Discover them and look for them in a physical store!

Best niche perfumes : absolute power, for him

Mancera “Red Tobacco” 120 ml

Niche perfume - Mancera Red Tobacco

Officially it is unisex, but I must tell you that for me it is too strong and I recommend it as a gift for your man: the bottle is also very elegant, characterized by the red color of the product.

The first impact could almost be annoying due to its power , but over time, after a few minutes it softens while maintaining a strong and luxurious character.

It is really long lasting , it really persists for several hours, however never cloying, it is firm and sexy.

Indeed, Mancera con Red Tobacco wants to convey a strong and decisive personality . On cold winter days, Mancera Red Tobacco warms heart and soul, finding the right balance between notes of fruit, tobacco, incense and amber accords, in a very pleasant fragrance for lovers of the genre.

The olfactory pyramid is structured with top notes such as Saffron, Cinnamon, Incense, Nutmeg, White Pear, Green Apple, Agar Wood, proceeds with heart notes: Patchouli, Jasmine and base notes: Tobacco, Amber, Guaiac Wood , Sandalwood, Haitian Vetiver, Madagascar Vanilla, White Musk.

Occasions : to be the center of attention. Suitable for the evening and nightlife , for its very long persistence (lasts over 10 hours) and its complex and luxurious fragrance. It is a warm and intense scent, perfect for colder temperatures.

Mancera “Red Tobacco” ml120 Price: 199.00 euros Discount (5%) – Price: 187.41 euros


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