Claire Abbott Disappearance – Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?

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Claire Abbott Disappearance – Why Did This Famous Instagram Model Disappear?

Who is Claire Abbott?

Being a teenager and having been pushed into this world of the limelight is no easy task to live up to. Born on 22nd January 1998, this girl had no idea that she was about to be so very popular though an application that didn’t even exist back then.

Even though America has always been a pioneer in technology and information management, Instagram came to be in 2015, and it turned heads as 15 years old Claire Abbott was posting bold pictures of herself that were supposedly posted in good fun.

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In this day and age, the society has its ways of censoring you, and for Claire, it came as men twice her age got enticed by her and wanted a way in; into her comments or to her message inbox, wherever they could get a reply.

Her Beginnings:
Having spent all her childhood in Ontario, Canada alongside her brother to their parents, Claire was always quite the sporty kind, having made her way to be a cheerleader. Cheerleading only boosted her confidence to perform and overcome social anxieties of any kind.

A performer with a go-getter attitude was what she strived so hard to become. This helped her in choosing a career path that she was destined to rule over. She started early at the age of fifteen as she put up a picture of herself with a bikini on Facebook.

Now the algorithm worked, and she garnered a lot of attention online. She then got further encouraged by her followers to pursue modeling full time. Incidents like these, planted on Claire the idea of actually pursuing a career in the limelight.

She then proceeded to get active on two more platforms, Twitter and Instagram as she wanted more followers to get engaged in her raunchy yet sporty content.

Claire Abbot Beginning
Being in the shoes of a Content Creator:
Now that she had some clout to have an audience, she chose to live the life of a content creator and not merely a model. She was involved in various things-

1. Youtube Musician-
She was a singer and a damn fine one at that. She started her own youtube channel at 15. In 2012, youtube was still a budding platform with great opportunities for the future. To start off with, she released her cover of Turning Tables by Adele, which was a hit amongst her audience.

She began covering famous songs such as Skinny Love with a ukulele, and her viewership skyrocketed with these videos. She also made a cover of Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black, which was also very well received.

2. Fashion Queen-
Being all hip and trendy, Claire was considered to be someone fashionable, and thus she started sharing fashion tips with her viewers. She began going online more often and interacting with her fans in her everyday attitude.

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Talking Numbers:
Her stats could boast of the following achievements-

1. More than 300,000 followers on Instagram

2. A few hundred thousand views all on her Youtube Channel

3. More than16000 subscribers on her Youtube Channel

Internet fame is quite the going trend these days. “Clout” is a money-making machine for people that know how to work the system, and Claire Abbott was one such personality. Clout is yet another colloquial for influence, and that’s what Claire Abbott was.

She was an influencer, one of the pioneers that have led other business models to turn to use social media advertising as a basic platform to connect to the Millenials.

Influencers on such platforms do tasks related to the platform, and that is what Claire did. She had to disappear from all of the social media overnight, and that has led to people speculating things about Claire Abbott Disappearance are as follows

She was garnering attention from all of the world’s
Famous Claire Abbott
At fifteen years of age, she posted a picture of her in a bikini on Facebook. Even though she was just a fifteen-year-old, her picture went viral and was being shared by people, in turn, attracting a bouquet full of admirers and white knights that would have entire forums and pages dedicated to her.

These admirers or orbiters wanted more pictures of her, and so they kept on encouraging her to do modelling jobs, which would boost her popularity.

They had ideas for her on how to become an influencer and spread out to other platforms apart from facebook.

And it was not only her steamy pictures but also her lifestyle that people enjoyed and wanted to indulge some more in.

Her travelogues had pictures that show off both her bank account and body endowment, and that became a mantra to her admirers and followers.

Soon she started posting regularly on other social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. She was just a kid of fifteen back then, and all this attention came with the price of heavy scrutiny.

She began feeling like now she has way more eyes on her than needs to be, and that can be really unsettling. It definitely is one of the reasons for the Claire Abbott Disappearance.

Although she is getting the limelight, there was something else that was her eye candy
Isn’t it possible at 15 years of age, but Claire shuffled in between a number of modeling jobs at this point of time. She had the Youtube ad algorithm figured out, and that is exactly how the ads work.

She understood the pain of being an influencer and having to upload daily as that increased the traffic for her page.

She saw growth in her channel as long as she had planned the uploads perfectly. What started out on the whim of the internet became a business opportunity for her pretty soon, and she was basking in all that glory.

On the very contrary, though, she wanted too little to do with her clout as an Instagram/Facebook model as she wanted to be a singer first. In January of 2012, she uploaded her first cover song – Turning Tables by Adele.

She covered Back to Black by the late Amy Winehouse and gained 16k subscribers in a jiffy.

Her talent was soon brought to light by her subscribers and followers as they got vocal on how much they enjoyed her singing as it had her own unique touch to it.

Thus she got too confident in her vocal prowess, and it can be one of the reasons for the Claire Abbott Disappearance.

Claire Abbott Instagram Celebrity

Claire Abbott Disappearance was the outcome of heavy anxiety
In her prime days, Claire Abbott posted a picture of her at a hospital, which led fans to go haywire. Later on, she came clean on the fact that a celebrity such as herself suffers from various mental illnesses and that they can happen to almost anybody.

She said that she had been trying to deal with it for a long time on her own but was unable to as there was not enough awareness on said topics.

She was a patient of anxiety, severe depression, and also suffered from bipolar disorder, which was very hard for her fans to take in, but they were all very supportive of her.

Maybe all the pent up anxiety and stress she had from all this exposure was a direct cause of the Claire Abbott Disappearance.

The Claire Abbott Disappearance was her time off for focusing on music
An influencer who used to post daily had completely disappeared off all of the social media. This caused a great uproar in the communities.

She had cut off with the very community that gave back to her as her popular social media accounts were all deactivated and her Youtube channel after the Claire Abbott Disappearance had all the videos in private.

As time unfolded, she revealed that the Claire Abbott Disappearance was not the time she took off to do modeling.

Instead, she wanted to pursue music as a career and thus had deleted all her social media accounts that made her into who she is now so that she could start over completely off of her old persona that people still remembered.

She didn’t want her music to be judged based on her clout.

The Claire Abbott Disappearance was all a big publicity stunt

claire abbott disappearance
The Claire Abbott Disappearance sure raised a lot of controversy around the life of a teenage Instagram celebrity, and all press is good press to someone that wants to skyrocket their popularity in the modeling line of job.

Even if she has plans for her music, the controversy raised a lot of eyebrows. Now, her music is eagerly awaited by her fan base and onlookers who happened to come across an article covering her disappearance.

Thus this might be an excellent ploy to increase traffic to when and where her music releases.

Claire was involved with another social media star Dan Bilzerian to public knowledge, but no one issued official statements stating such. Trouble in paradise might yet be another reason for the Claire Abbott Disappearance.

To know more about her, you can visit her Official Instagram Account and you can watch this video too for more information about her disappearance:


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