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The online community, unlike any other community, is always changing and updating itself. They have passcodes, which are commonly known as hashtags, which mark us of a particular one. If you are new to the Instagram world, then it might be not very easy for you to understand what hashtags are, which one to use, and which ones you should follow.

What are Instagram hashtags?

Hashtags are usually a word or phrase that you see on the description of a post followed by the ‘#’ symbol (#this_is_an_example).

After you put a hashtag on your post, you will be able to tap on that hashtag that shows all the photos and videos that people have uploaded with that hashtag. So basically, you can say that hashtags represent a community of people, and by following a hashtag, you will be able to know what that particular community is up to.

This helps you understand what a particular hashtag community represents and what they believe in. If you feel like you belong to that community, you can start putting the same hashtags on your posts.

They are not necessarily restricted to Instagram; you can use hashtags on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and almost all other social media apps.


Fitspo is a family of hashtags that represent the fitness community of Instagram. You can start using them on your post to become a part of the ab crack crowd. Some of the common Fitspo hashtags are:

  1. #Fitfam: – This is probably the most common fitspo hashtag with more than 60 million posts. This hashtag can be an excellent place to start if you are planning on turning your account to a fitspo one.
  2. #Transformationtuesday: – This is also a common fitspo hashtag with more than 10 million posts.
  3. #BBG: – This is a community representing the bikini bodybuilding guide. Kayla Itsines was the first person to start this hashtag, and she inspired millions of people with her work.

The point of all these fitspo hashtags is to encourage people to make better choices for their body and push themselves further.

They are also used to congratulate people on their hard work. Having that perfect body is not a piece of cake; it takes time, consistency, and hard work.

You are not going to be able to have a great body just by following these hashtags, but they will surely help you by reminding your goals and keep you motivated.



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