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Acknowledged much as the Singapore based illustrator and embroidery artist, Teresa Lim visualized and captured the world using all her five senses and depicted those scenes by embroidering it with a thread.

Quite popular both locally and internationally, she is favored for her fashionable and meaningful approach to art or more specifically to embroidery.

With a first-class degree in Fashion Textile Design honors from Lasalle College of Fine Arts, Teresa Lim started to dive into the world of fine arts. This 27year lady is better recognized with her commercial market name TEETEEHEEHEE.


Image Credit – Teresa Lim

The beginning of her career

Her hobby or career whatever you might call it to be started with her enjoying the sunset view. She decided to illustrate the beauty of nature through embroidery with the help of thread and clothes when the phone started to malfunction to capture the photo.

Since then, she started to travel to various locations carrying threads and needles to enwrap and illustrate the scenic beauty of various landscapes she encountered.

She spends a minimum of two hours embroidering out great structures like Eiffel Tower in Paris, to the haphazard buildings of Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City, and the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.

How Teresa Lim Started Running Out Of Money

Unlike her college companions after graduation, she didn’t go for choosing an old-style 9 to 5 job format.

She never liked the fact of being in a conventional job with no adventure and monotony. She kept on exploring the different facts of human behavior and activities along with nature’s scenic beauties.

She took a gap of one year to focus herself into embroidery in her own workroom solely.

Naturally, her parents didn’t support her for her rejection to opt for a stable and safe conventional job.

Deprived of a proper job, she spent her first year in misery as art isn’t quite mainstream in Singapore, so the rate of the interval between receiving orders started to inflate.

With only 50dollar remaining in her pocket she encountered the urgency to earn money by giving lessons on the violin.

Hobbies started to get international recognition


Image Credit – Teresa Lim

She believed that works that are made out with sheer love and absorption help to gain more public attention and devotion towards it.

She gave justification to her statement as brands soon started to negotiate with her commissioned works after she got enormous media exposure of her innovative embroidery hobby.

Teresa Lim’s embroidery works are commissioned by GUCCI, NETFLIX, Swarovski, Volvo, Changi Airports, etc.

She had also collaborated with famous international brands like Mellisa Shoes, Singapore Airlines, Uniqlo, etc.

From having only 50dollar left in the pocket, she has come to a point where she has garnered 78k+ Instagram followers where she publishes most of her works and sell them at 320dollar for the basic piece.

Other Projects

She is one amongst thousands who don’t feel quite fitting to describe stories through words, so she uses embroidery as the media to “tell stories” or “capture moments”. She takes inspiration from many of her follower’s backstories to depict a story.

Her first embroidered illustration was the Sad Girls Club which represented the wretchedness she went through during her breakup. So, jumped to describing bigger subjects in her next series, i.e. The Twelve Rooms, which portrayed how school girls compare their bodies to models.

She exclaimed in various platforms that the commencement of her embroidery hobby started in her younger age, as she felt quite obnoxious while sharing her inner feelings or stories to others, which resulted in her to be in isolation.

In recent times she is seen quite busy with tackling excessive plastic use. This came into her mind when she was unsuccessful to minimize the use of plastics which are contaminating oceans and perpetually impairing sea organisms.

She is now on an assignment to accumulate all pre-used plastics and alter these plastics into her embroidered piece that describes the oceans.


Image Credit – Teresa Lim


Defying the modern era concept of carrying a camera to capture every breathtaking scenery, Teresa Lim got indulged in feeling the sound and color of nature from a different perception.

She besides scoring deals with mega-brands had also made quite a name in Bangkok, Tokyo, and others.

Her success in the field of arts also became a specimen to fight with the misconception that art can’t shine in Singapore.



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