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Harry Potter is a fictional character introduced by J.K. Rowling in 1997. The first part was named “The Philosopher’s Stone,” which became a huge success, and then 6 more parts of the novel were released. All these novels became so much popular that they were adapted into 8 different films.

Most 90’s kids are huge harry potter fans, mainly because of the films. At one point in our life, we all wished that Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was real.

If you are a big harry potter fan who likes to collect merchandise inspired by it, then we have something that you need. After the movie sequel became so much popular, they released a range of harry potter inspired lipstick.

Remember the time when Hogwarts had Prom night? and they never revealed what lipsticks the students wore to the Yule Ball. If you loved the look on them, then we have good news.

Storybook Cosmetics has released a 4-piece collection of harry potter inspired lipstick so that even muggles like us can put some magic into our life.


This is a collection of liquid lipstick that comes in 4 different shades. Each shade has its unique name. The sapphire blue lipstick is called Merlin, the green potion is called emerald, the red one is called Sorcerer, and the mauve shade is termed as Salem.

Even though the blue and green one might be a little too much for everyday use, but the mauve shade is perfect for your office purpose. The red one is great for a night out with your friends.

Apart from being extremely attractive, the lipsticks set is vegan-friendly as well and assured to last longer than 2 Quidditch games. If you want to get this collection, then head over to the Storybook website and grab it for only $10.

In case you feel like you need some more shades, then you can find more at the LA Splash website. LA Splash has also come up with 12 different shades of waterproof lipstick that harry potter inspired.

The shades are named as Nagini, Sirius, Love Good, Spellbound, Raven Claw, Bellatrix, Lavender, Alastor, Severus, Nymph Adora, Hermione, and Ginny. LA Splash is working on their website for now, and if you cannot wait, then you can even email them directly at customerservice@lasplashcosmetics.com.

If you end up getting any of these shades, let us know which one was your favorite in the comments below. Have a beautiful day.


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