How To Wear Cowboy Boots Without Looking Country? (2021 GUIDE)

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Fashion is what keeps you upgraded with everything happening around you. It won’t be incorrect in saying that your footwear plays a vital role in reflecting your personality and your attitude towards life. Numerous varieties of footwear are designed nowadays to enhance your look. One such kind of boots is the cowboy boots, but now the one question that arises is how to wear cowboy boots without looking country?

The answer to this question becomes straightforward when you understand some basic concepts.

Which kinds of boots are known as Cowboy Boots?


Before heading on towards how one must wear these boots, it’s essential to know which kind of boots are known as cowboy boots. The footwear or the boots which cover the upper part of the leg up to the calf and not only the foot are known as cowboy boots.

These were worn by men as the name itself suggests ‘cowboy’ as Wellington, and it’s many other variations. The main idea of cowboy boots being originated was, as a result of experiencing comfort while horse riding and being protected from the injuries one might get during the event of horse riding.

What are the types of Cowboy Boots?

There is a wide range of boots designed not specifically for cowboys, but for everyone. Both men and women can now wear cowboy boots without looking country. Some of those boots are as follows:

● The Classic Western Boots:

The main feature of such boots is that the neck of the boot is usually 12 inches long, covering almost up to the knee cap of any normal person.

● The Shortie Boot:

These boots have around 6-10 inches shaft, which is a bit shorter than the classic boots but are comfortable and cheap.

● The Western Work Boots:

The western work boots do not have a flat bottom but are raised with some flat heels and are super comfortable for people who have to wear boots for around 12-14hours a day.

● The Roper Boot:

These boots have a comfortable rubber shoal, and they are an older version of the classic boots. They are the best preferred for the men working in the rodeo system.


● The Buckaroo Boot:

The Buckaroo Boot, as the name itself suggests, is more preferred for fashion or show-off purposes.

The neck of the boot or the shaft is very long, usually extended up to 14 inches, which draws the attention of many people towards you.

● The Riding Boot:

The purpose of the boot is crystal clear by the name itself. These super comfortable boots are widely used by horse riders or, more specifically, the cowboys. These boots are very easily identified among their group.

● The Stockman Boot:

The last but not the least type of boot is the Stockman boot. They have a wide rubber shoal and short heel, which gives them a completely different identity.

Which Cowboy Boots are more commonly preferred, and Why?

The classic western boots or cowboy boots are widely preferred and worn by people all over the world. The heels of such boots have intermediate height, i.e. not very long and pointed and not very short and flat but in between both of them.

Usually, it is around half to one inch tall. As mentioned earlier, the shaft is around 12 inches tall, which means it covers around half of the calf.

Being comfortable and easy-to-carry, these are the ones that are preferred for everyday use.

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How to wear Cowboy Boots Without Looking Country?


Now, to the main question of the hour, which states, what are the ways in which one must wear cowboy boots without looking country?

This simple question is of great importance, and when understood accurately, enhances your personality and gives you a more vibrant and updated look.

There are some basic things one must know about the fashion sense and according to his/ her need before choosing the right set of footwear with their apparel.

These boots have zero laces tied around or wrapped and have a pointed, flattened and slightly rounded toe top.

Some Basic Things which must be Taken under Consideration:

Knowing the right way to wear cowboy boots without looking country, can be summed up under the following subheads such as:

● Caress the boots:

Embrace the boots you wear. The extraordinarily tall neck and those little too long heels make them a little more distinctive and attractive than the rest of the footwear. The variety of colours and materials is the beauty turned inside out.

● Have proper knowledge of the different types and range of boots:

As stated earlier, there are many different varieties of boots available in the market, out of which seven are already described earlier along with their uses.

Knowing the stuff you are wearing and don’t only boost your confidence but also bring you close to yourself.

● Know the right size:

In order to prevent yourself from hurting your feet by wearing an ill sized small boot or being uncomfortable by an extra-large shoe, it becomes way more important to know your right size and wear the boot accordingly


● Avoid campiness as confidence is the key:

It won’t be wrong in saying that confidence plays an important factor in bringing the best out of you. It does not only compliment your outfit or boot you wear but also makes you more appealing and wanted by people around you.

Keeping your posture correct by keeping your backbone straight, and carrying yourself gracefully, will definitely boost your confidence.

● Wear classic colours with classic shoes:

This statement itself says it all. Colour combination is the major factor that must be taken into consideration. Having a basic knowledge of colours is very much important in today’s world.

All you need to do is wear basic colour boots with your basic colour dress and vibrant with vibrant and so on. A little extra effort will bring great results.

● Don’t tuck loose or wear extra long pants with long neck boots:

Tucking Skinny jeans will give you a better look. The statement in itself is complete. Don’t hide the beautiful neck portion of your boot by over wearing a loose jean covering the major portion of it.

In spite of it, try wearing a skinny jean that could easily fit inside the neck of the shoe so that the front of the shaft is clearly visible.

● Beware of the material of the boot you wear:

This is also an important thing to be taken care of as it will increase the lifespan of your boot.

The material you wear gives you an idea of how to store and clean or wash your boot when not in use.

Besides, boots with dresses give you a more feminine look. Most importantly, there are probably no age limits of wearing the cowboy boots of your choice.

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Wrapping Up:

All we can say is, to wear cowboy boots without looking country is not a big deal at all if you are familiar with the basic knowledge of fashion and dressing sense.

And the second thing is the confidence you have towards yourself. If you can carry yourself comfortably and skillfully with anything you wear, then definitely nothing can stop you from outstanding within the crowd and complimenting your beauty even more.



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