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Isn’t there something really beautiful about a well-maintained aquarium that just soothes our soul and relaxes our mind? Even though keeping a fish tank at home comes with challenges but the beauty of the fish tank is a reward on its own.

Fish tanks come in different shapes and sizes and are made of different materials. If you are an aquarium enthusiast then you might already be familiar with all the hassle that comes with maintaining a big fish tank, and if you are a newcomer then we recommend starting out small.

Buying a big fish tank with tons of fishes will be exhausting in the beginning and this is why we are here to share an amazing jellyfish aquarium with you.

The aquarium was actually a Kickstarter project called The Darwin tank: An Original Jellyfish Aquarium.

The project, Darwin tank was initially launched in Kickstarter in 2016 and they managed to get 80 backers who pledged more than 40K euros to help bring this project to life.

We have checked the reviews of this tank and people are astonished by how beautiful it looks.  This tank is designed specifically for jellyfish so that you can see their subtle and fluid movement.

The tank itself is extremely beautiful and looks like a capsule made of glass. The design is made so beautifully that the shadows cast on walls and ceiling will hypnotize you. Having this beautiful tank is like having a drop of ocean water right in your house.


The tank must resist the pressure that a jellyfish needs and hence, it is made of one of the most resistant transparent material called Boro 3.3. There are even RBG LEDs inside which can be controlled individually to give an amazing light effect.

They claim that by properly controlling the intensity of the colors it is possible to create warm or cold white light.

If you are wondering how the water of the Darwin tank is oxygenated then let us tell you that they have added an extra small tank where the water can be oxygenated before it is injected in the IN pipe.

The device is nothing like a regular fish tank, hence they have provided detailed instructions so that no one gets confused on what to do. They have even provided their email for any other queries.

In conclusion, even though this product might be a little more expensive than a regular fish tank, it will more than make it up for you in terms of beauty.


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