Netflix Announces Upcoming Collection Agreement with 4 Anime Studios

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Netflix announces the forthcoming anime series agreement with 4 anime studios. They collaborate with studios will be the Japanese MAPPA, NAZ, and Technology SARU, and Studio Mir for new anime collection.

The streaming services already releases a fresh anime series on a monthly basis. However they want more as the fans looking forward to new and clean anime series from the Netflix system. In addition they has signed exclusive creation line partnerships with additional Japanese production homes including Manufacturing I.G and bones inside 2018. And Anima, Sublimation, and David Creation in 2019. Through the years of contract of the studios. Now, Netflix includes a new announcement, our partnership is taken to a complete of nine production houses.

And furthermore the 1st time, their creative partner inside Tokyo bolsters partnerships beyond Japan to Studio Mir inside Korea.

Netflix’s Anime Chief Maker Taiki Sakurai discusses this new deal, “In only four yrs, we’ve built a separate team located in Tokyo that acts to entertain the global anime neighborhood through fresh and aspirational storytelling. With one of these additional partnerships with market trailblazers who do incredible work usually marrying the most recent technologies and conventional hand-drawn computer animation, we’re excited to create fans a greater selection of even more amazing tales.”

Here certainly are a several anime series out of this Netflix deal:

    • Technology SARU – Japan Sinks: 2020/Devilman Crybaby
    • MAPPA – Yuri in Ice/Kakegurui/The God of Higher School/AOT: Final Season
  • Studio Mir – The Legend of Korra/Kipo and age Wonderbeasts
  • Naz Studios – Id: Invaded/My First Girlfriend Is really a Gal

Netflix also shared a movie on its official NX Twitter accounts and you will watch below!


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