Pokemon Emojis A Blessing from Heaven

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We might have grown up, but our love for Pokemon emojis is never-ending. Pokemon or the pocket monsters have become immensely popular with the game Pokemon Go. Created in Hong Kong, this game is loved by all, from children to teenagers.

It made gamers to come out of their living room and run on the streets to play with all the Pokemon characters by capturing, training and battling with them. And the addiction for this game has created the craze and love for Pokemon characters in the mind of the gamers.

This love for Pokemon characters has to lead the emoji creator companies to create Pokemon emojis. Yes, you’re reading it right. Your favourite Pokemon characters are now available in emojis, and it’s getting quite popular. Want to know why?

Say it with an emoji


In this age of social media, we all know the significance of emoticons in our life. What we cannot say in words we express that with our emojis. And it has made it easier for us to express our exact feelings and face reactions. Also, it makes the chats more fun, lively and colourful. And we can’t deny our love or fascination for our favourite stickers and emojis.

So for those who love Pokemon characters more than anything, Pokemon emojis are kind of blessings for them. Saying it with a Pokemon emoji and feeling emotions and facial reactions are surely the best thing ever that can happen to a diehard Pokemon lover. Let all the Pokemon characters join you while you’re texting to make it an interesting one.

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Why you should use Pokemon emojis

Well, you should use it because it’s the coolest emoji ever. Nothing can make your chats more amazing than Pikachu. For the truly devoted Instagrammers and coolest group members, Pokemon graphics are surely going to be the saviour as it is going to leave a remarkable impact while communicating. Using your favourite gaming character can turn your inboxes and chats a funnier and crazier one.

Pokemon emoji apps

Pokemon emojis are now available in various applications as those are specially created and designed for all the Pokemon fans by the emoticon companies. Now you can make your chats livelier and funky as Pokemon characters.

Express your happiness with our beloved Pikachu, or let Espeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Leafeon and Glaceon run in between your conversation. Also dancing Charmander is going to express your dancing heart. All the generations of Baulbasurs are there to join you. All the cool Pokemon graphics are enough to bring life to your chat.

In this generation of social media addiction and communicating with people, emoticons are the best way to react. It actually expresses our feelings and reactions through those colourful graphics that we cannot express through words.

All the Pokemon emoticons are the best options for all the Pokemon gamers and diehard Pokemon lovers to communicate. No doubt it’s a blessing for those who love Pokemon more than anything. All your favourite emojis available at your fingertips in the applications to help you create an impact on your friend’s mind. So text them all with the Pokemon emoticons.


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