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The bespoke business of suits, ties and pocket squares are beginning to get so popular of late, it is now hard to be pleasantly surprised by a dapper-looking gentleman on the street.

The polished, refined look on every man is certainly attractive, but with the increasing number of contemporary tailoring services that are only a stone’s throw away from you, you will eventually get caught in an embarrassing situation of bumping into someone with a similarly-styled suit.

“I had it tailored according to my measurements, especially for me,” will no longer be a valid excuse for getting caught in that awkward situation.

CATALOG recognises this problem and we aim to prepare you for the worst-case scenario with ideas (from head to toe) on how to add a tinge of rebellion to your suit, retain that scent of uniqueness about you and still stand out like the fashionable gentleman you really are.

The first of this three-part series will give you tips on adding colour to the emptiness around your collar and the never-dated pocket square.



If you’ve noticed, the weather in our sunny island has been cool and breezy as of late, but warm enough without having to bust out a bulky wool coat and scarf.

So keep it minimal yet practical at the same time with a neckerchief, which could be a simple patterned bandana tied around your neck in a knot.

Despite the simplicity of this accessory, it does wonders for your look.

Pocket Squares


Those suits can’t be adorned without a pocket square, especially since they come in a limited range of colours most of the time.

So the guy next to you has a charcoal-coloured suit — but does he have that fancy hand-rolled silk paisley-print pocket square peeking from your left breast pocket? We didn’t think so.

This little swatch of fabric definitely adds a touch of uniqueness and authenticity about your dress-sense.

The Art Of Manliness advises never to leave the house with just a naked suit. So before you step out for your first order of the day, make sure to fill your breast pocket with a complementary pocket square.

Here are some stylish ideas for you to consider.



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