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I truly love nature and I think what came out during my sabbatical in New Zealand was something pure. I went on a full nature immersion, and when I came back to Singapore, I still wanted that immersion. It made me think about how people living in the city can still be close to nature and that’s how Within started.

When I moved back to Singapore from New Zealand, I set up my studio here in Little India. The first thing that inspired me was the courtyard. It allowed me to bring plants in and have my own little garden.

Where do you usually work on your botanical-inspired art? Is there a particluar place in your studio that’s conducive for creating?

When I’m in the middle of work, I find myself at my desk a lot. There’s a beautiful, natural light field surrounding it — it’s calming and a great place to be in when I’m painting. I’ll always have plants and cut flowers surrounding me, as well as inspirational books and references.

When work isn’t as hectic, what’s a typical day like for you?

A typical day involves waking up early, exercising and painting with the beautiful morning light. Sometimes I’ll take my scooter and go to the Botanic Gardens and take pictures of plants for the future art pieces that I’ll be doing. Sometimes, I’ll put on music and dance to keep things light!”

You’re quite lucky to not have a typical desk-bound job. But what would you say are the pros and cons to your flexible work schedule? 

Since I have a flexible schedule, the pros and cons would be in finding out what is work and what is play. If you do work that pleases you, at the heart of it, it’s actually play. However, the working aspect comes in the form of discipline, which is needed in order to create and to be prolific.

Lastly, what are the top three songs in your current work soundtrack?

These are some of the songs I’ve been playing a lot of while working: “Girl” by Giraffage, “Down For You” by Ta-ku featuring Alina Baraz, and “Fall in Love” by BadBadNotGood.

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