Top 10 Japanese Sneaker Brands You Need To Know About

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Japan and fashion trends go hand-in-hand. There is no denial of the fact that Japan has been known as the cult of fashion from the past days for its classy and comfortable fashion trends. Their fashion trends reflect their confident approach to life and so as their trendy sneakers. If you want to add some funky vibes with a classy touch to your collection of shoes, then these top 10 Japanese sneaker brands should be there in your must-have list:

1. RFW Tokyo


One of the newest Japanese footwear labels RFW Tokyo or Rhythm Footwear was founded in the year of 1998 by designer Takashi Kanokogi.

The speciality of this brand sneakers’ lies in their simple style and minimal decorations.

The sleek and simple design of their sneakers makes it popular among both genders and suitable for all ages.

This sleek and slim finishing of their sneakers has made RFW TOKYO unique and popular amongst the brands who offer overly decorated and colorful shoes these days.

2. Shoes Like Pottery – One of the best Japanese Sneaker Brands


If you want to buy a trendy shoe online from any of the top brands of Japanese sneaker brands, then Shoes Like Pottery should be there at the top of your list.

Shoes Like Pottery is mostly talked about shoe brand in Japan for their comfortable, extra-soft and vulcanized soles.

Each of their shoes is baked to perfection inside a kiln using the vulcanizing process, which is known as Ka-Ryu.

They offer you with their hand-sewn and perfectly crafted most flexible, comfortable, and soft sneakers whose end products are vulcanized rubber soles.

This extra comfort and signature Ka-Ryu process offered by this company work as their unique selling proposition amongst all the Japanese top sneaker brands.

3. Hender Scheme


This Tokyo based is one of the top Japanese sneaker brands. It was founded by designer Ryo Kashiwazaki offers you traditional formal leather shoes with a bit of modern twist.

They introduce to their buyers a new concept that goes beyond the gender-based norms imposed upon us by society. They give the concept of gender and sex-based upon physical appearance.

In other words, their goal is to defy gender norms built by our society. Their creation of shoes not on the basis of gender works as their USP.

The untreated leather provided in the shoe picks up natural treatment of the environment, as it depends on how the user wears, stores, and washes their pair.

This results in differing of each pair from the other one, and that differs from owner to owner.

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4. Mizuno – Most Likable Japanese Sneaker Brands


This shoe brand of Japan has its reputation as the best selling leader in the equipment of sports. The goal they seem to pursue is to deliver specially crafted shoes based or innovated, focusing on the performance.

They specially design their shoes for those whose daily routine includes running. Perfectly shaped footwear for running that is important for every single athlete is the unique selling proposition of Mizuno that makes them stand apart from any other Japanese sneaker brands. Every footwear produced by them has the trait of quality fit made of best quality fabric.

5.  Asics Japan:


Ranked as one of the top performance footwear among the various Japanese shoes brands, Asics has the best collection of sports shoes that is worth trying.

Checked and testified by the professional runners and athletes this brand offers its customers with the best running shoes made out of best quality materials and excellent designs. After doing a lot of extensive research and tests on the different shapes of the foot, the designers of Asics create their excellently innovative shoe designs that make this brand different from all other sports shoe sneakers brands.

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6.  Onitsuka Tiger Japan:


Onitsuka Tiger is a significant name among the most popular Japanese sneaker brands. Established in 1949 this brand started initially as the manufacturer of sports shoes, but latterly it has evolved itself as a fashionable shoe brand inspired by sports fashion.

Each and every footwear of Onitsuka Tiger has the perfect mix of trendy modern fashion and traditional touch intertwined in it. This perfectly mingled traditional and modern flavor makes this brand’s shoes unique and creative.

7.  LOSERS Stick to Your Guns:


Established by some of the new generation struggling artists, this is one of the best Japanese shoes brands that sell shoes created with original, innovative and creative ideas and designs. Made out of fresh ideas and designs this shoe brand shows the sense of creativity hidden in the new generation designers.

Also, the name of the brand LOSERS Stick to Your Guns is suggestive of the efforts of the struggling designers. They follow the Japanese Edo Period in the style of their shoes. Also, they design different sneakers with the changing of seasons that attracts most the new age sneaker lovers.

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8.  White atelier BY CONVERSE:


For the Converse sneakers lovers, White atelier BY CONVERSE is the ultimate destination. Situated at Cat Street, Harajuku this store offers its customers Converse sneakers based on their choice. The limited-edition White atelier is the unique and best collection that they have in their store for you.

Collaboration between famous fashion artists and Converse is there for the customers in a limited edition. Customers are offered here with the standard designed white sneakers which are never out of fashion with a unique touch of their own by customizing it. This is the unique selling proposition of this store that makes it one of the best-sellers of Japanese shoes brands.

9.  Comme Des Garcons:


When it comes to the matter of Japanese cult sneaker brand, Comme Des Garcons deserves a special mention among them. Rei Kawakubo founded this Tokyo based sneakers brand with the goal of creating the artfully designed sneakers for all.

Each and every shoe is given its shape by using the best quality materials with an iconic heart logo on the side that is the sign of their fun collaboration with Converse for the sake of trendy fashion that makes this brand a significant one.

10.  Visvim:


Visvim has made their name as a notable one in the list of Japanese sneaker brands in the last 18 years. This brand seeks inspiration for their sneakers in American design.

Not only the instantly recognizable American designs but also the mix of fascinating trendy designs with historical culture and traditional Japanese design are offered to the customers by this not so old Japanese sneakers brand. This extraordinary sneakers’ design is the secret of the uniqueness of this Japanese cult sneakers brand.


To add some extra style statement and comfort to your shoe collection with pairs of trendy sneakers, these three top Japanese sneaker brands are worth trying.

Sneakers offered by them are not only eye-candy but also best in the matter of quality and comfort.

Their collection of trendy and comfy sneakers offers the wearer something special experiences about their style and comfort that sets these brands apart from other shoe brands.


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