Top Street Looks Berlin – The Best Street Style From Berlin (Germany)

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Berlin, the capital of Germany, has redefined its position in the world by being considered as the fashion capital of the country.

And this is huge because of the contributions of the young aspiring fashion creators in that city. In some recent years, this German city is well known for organizing Berlin Fashion Week, which is held twice annually.

So, Berlin makes it easy for everyone who wants to enlighten themselves about new street style dress codes for their usage or even selling those ideas by redesigning them.

Dazzling with Sweatshirts


Male models have been spotted donning the streets with sweatshirts and premium jackets. Imported from Portugal sweatshirt is made of 50% cotton and rest 50% Recycled Polyester.

And the jacket was created with the amalgamation of 70% cotton and 30% recycled nylon which made it waterproof and breathable.

Reversing back to Black & White!

Two ladies were spotted sporting the combination of a black and white dress. The one with white wore spaghetti tie maxi outfit, and the other wore a dark sleeveless tunic with botanical floral jeans.

Continuing with the trend of long coats

Most men were spotted donning the tasteful English style dark and chocolate overcoats with variously textured scarves alongside brown beanie caps.

Accompanying those clothing attires, they wore dark cowhide shoes.

Rewinding back to 1970s

None can disremember those classy and elegant 70s garments that women used to wear.

Many women were spotted donning the refurbished version of 70’s dresses like a sleeveless shirt-dress worn with dynamic multi-hued geometric design.

Glaring up with black


Fashion influencers went to streets visualizing their all-black heavy-knitted ribbed black sweater, skinnies and calfskin combat boots.

A woman was found to put on a translucent dark gown with a revitalized thin plaited calfskin belt. Another woman was spotted with a sewed sleeved custom-fitted dark coat worn over a mini dress.

Glowing up with white

A woman was seen looking spectacular by wearing a sewn wrap vest over a crop spaghetti tie top and complimenting this look; she wore a high waist snowy pant.

For another instance, a passerby was found with a quite unusual combination of rainbow-colored flat shoes and white sleeveless gown. Though this less seen combination has made her look stunning.

Another woman was seen wrapping a kimono over a semi-transparent snowy white dress beside a dark leather gumboot with a velvet finish.

Matchings the dots

Several streetwalkers shook the street by matching their lower garments with their upper dress.

A lady was spotted wearing a printed crop shirt designed in floral inscriptions over the sky-blue background as the primary color, the skirt she wore was also a front button mini skirt with the same textured pattern and color.

Boosting up the saturation

As the temperature in Berlin is freezing cold during winters, a lady was spotted wearing a bright array of apparel to beat the chilly air. She visited the street with a multicolored scarf accompanying with a gleaming metallic-green coat over the red top and reflexive blue sweatpants.

Blending the army with hip-hop costume

Amalgamating these two looks a woman ended up dazzling with her reflective eye shades with camouflage army print jacket with denim sleeves over a basic black t-shirt and denim shorts. She also wore a camouflaged textured army print boot shoe combining it with highly dark shaded socks.


So, these fashion styles, as mentioned above, are some of the few among hundreds that you can follow or get stimulated. Many huge fashion brands officially buy these designs to resale it at a higher value. It is always a delight to explore new forms of attire on the streets of Berlin.



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